Y O G A  C L A S S E S 

Y O G A  I S  M O K S H A ~ L I B E R A T I O N 


Although most commonly known for it's asanas (postures) yoga is a practice comprised of 8 limbs, with asanas embodying only one of these. Other elements that create your yoga practice are... Yamas (ethics/morals regarding our relationship with the world), Niyamas (ethics/morals regarding our inner relationship with ourselves),Pranayama (breathwork), Praytyahara (Sensory withdrawal), Dharana (Intense study/focus), Dhyana (meditation), Samadhi (oneness, bliss). 

Introducing a regular yoga practice to your life can bring an abundance of benefits, mobility, flexibility, strength, posture improvement, but the practice has so much more to offer. It may be the asana that brings us to the mat, but with regular practice of yoga in it's entirety will bring..

A quieter, more peaceful mind, decreased stress and anxiety levels, better quality of sleep, improved relationships, re-establish self love, acceptance and understanding - YOGA allows you to VIBRATE HIGHER, in all aspects of life.


Weekly Public Classes include a combination of breathwork, physical postures, fluid flow and relaxation, following a weekly theme of the 4 physical elements, earth, water, fire and air. Classes run on a monthly block of 4, with drop in options available.

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