P R I V A T E   Y O G A   T U I T I O N 

F I N D  Y O U R  A N A N D A  ~ B L I S S 


1-2-1 yoga is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself or a loved one. Yoga is the practice of self-awareness, self-exploration and self-love. 

Our practice encourages us to return home to ourselves. 

Private tuition provides you with the freedom to fit your yoga practice within your lifestyle, to learn as a beginner with 1-2-1 attention and support, to work closely with yourself - with a personalised and supportive and comfortable environment.

1-2-1 yoga tuition is a beautiful investment in yourself if you....

- Struggle to make it to public classes due to your schedule

- Are beginning your yoga journey and would like a little more support

- Like to take things at your own pace, with the availability to ask questions, and to have a more open and conversational and interactive practice

- Require a more specialised practice, be it working around an injury, aspiring to find a particular asana (posture) in your practice, looking for a practice to de-stress and work with alleviating anxiety.. 

Private yoga can also be booked for families, groups, couples and for special occasions such as birthday parties, hen do's, girly gatherings...you name it! 

Whichever reason that resonates with you, private yoga is a practice that will bring a little more light into your life. 


In Person (with social distancing available from 6th July)

From the Mi PT Studio, your own garden, or the beach!

Please email Atlanta on:


Or call/text on: 07718592154

To find out more about Private Yoga Tuition

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