Why EVERYONE Can Benefit From Svadyaya...

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The weekend just passed, I attended a huge Self Love Event - The Self Love Summit, organised by the gorgeous Melissa Wells. This was an off the cuff decision, that lead to a LOT of stuff being realised and opened up for me... One huge thing that I have taken away from the experience is the importance of svadyaya.

So..what is svadyaya? Svadyaya is self-study, self-exploration, self-inquiry, and it seems that it is something that I have avoided to no end for a great amount of time.

So here are 3 reasons why self-study is so fundamental to living a fulfilling, enriched life that leaves you with a soul that shines.

1 - ASK the questions

Asking myself questions is not something I do often, I usually avoid this, or will answer with brief and little in depth thought. Asking ourselves the big questions, or at the very least...answering important questions to ourselves fully, rather than fooling ourselves with a surface answer is fundamental to growth, and something we can avoid in fear of working through some bits before our soul can shine on..

2 - If you don't take the time to KNOW yourself, how can you LOVE yourself wholeheartedly?

Self-love is one of the most important practices we can commit to, because it lays the foundations for the rest of our lives, from career, to spouses and relationships..

3 - To find what makes your SOUL SHINE

Without self-exploration and inquiry, regularly and lovingly, we can wind up becoming engulfed in the notion of everyday, day to day life. Without the self study, we can find ourselves 3 years down the line, on a repeat loop of repeating jobs, relationships, habits that don't light us up, but have become habit and that unfortunately, we haven't given ourselves the time to realise this for ourselves.

For me, when questions were asked during the Self Love Summit, such as describe yourself, what do you love about yourself? What lights you up, and what is causing stress in your life..I realised I didn't know, couldn't answer and had A LOT of walls to work through, why? Because I have not given the love and attention to myself, dedicating time for self-study necessary for personal growth and ultimately - to let my soul shine.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Right Now That I Have Been Working With Since The Event?

- What activities do I LOVE to do that make my soul SHINE? How can I do that MORE?

- What is causing unnecessary stress in my life?

- What would I be doing if comparison, negative inner dialogue, finances, and all other questionable obstacles were nowhere in sight?

One of the best self-love practices I've come to realise during the past weekend is....

To take the time to ask yourself how you feel, and to LISTEN.


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