Top 5 Winter Reads

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Is it me, or has this winter period crept up and suddenly - ta-dah it's here with all it's glory.

Hello darkness from...4pm!? Or perhaps being away in India for a month really didn't prepare me much for the English winter....either way, this time of year is the PERFECT time to read a good book.

Candles at the ready, create a sacred reading environment for yourself to dive deep into a good book, nothing makes me more content than lighting some candles, putting on some super comfy clothes, with a hot bevvy, and journalling or reading a good book.

Here are 5 of my all time favourite books for you to dive into this winter....

1 - Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is so inspiring, playful, original and fun. Written by the babe that is who wrote the infamous Eat Pray Love, this book is all about keeping your creativity alive. Filled with real life anecdotes, sprinkled with good humour and invaluable lessons to get the most out of life.

2 - Rise Sister Rise - Rebecca Campbell

There is a movement, or a rising interest, recognition - of the power and beauty of the feminine. We as a society, and specifically as women are beginning to value what makes us female in all it's forms, and this book leads the way. Rebecca Campbell is a mystical wonder, and this book is all about recognising your power, about friendship and sisterhood. A beautiful read, with so many gorgeous passages, words of encouragement, inspiration and love.

3 - The Universe Has Your Back - Gabrielle Bernstein

This book encourages you to look at life from a different perspective, using gratitude, and faith to overrule fear and how to use this to create a life that fills you up. Super inspiring, filled with so many tools to take away and use, and refer back to. A truly inspiring read.

4 - The Alchemist - Paolo Coelhol

This was such an unusual and enjoyable read. We actually listened to this on the journey to and from Cornwall sometime this year, as an audible version and we loved this book. An unusual tale, with deep, contemplative and important life lessons underlying each step of the characters journey. A true gem.

5 - Meditations From The Mat - Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison

This one for the yogis, this book brings little pockets of wisdom, and yoga thoughts for each day of the year. 365 passages, so you can commit to reading just a little a day, or maybe like me read a few a day. The daily entries consider everything from the yamas and the niyamas, to struggling to get to your mat some days.

And there you have it, my Top 5 Winter Reads for you to enjoy, or maybe to pop on your Christmas list this year. If you have any books that you would like to recommend, please leave them in the comments so I, and maybe others can find them!

Wishing you all cosy winter reading evenings,



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