Updated: Dec 14, 2018

" There is no difference between them and you, well there is, but just one.These people are taking their action and prioritising what makes their soul shine."

This morning was a beautiful morning, truly. The sky was soon blue, the sea looked smooth like butter or honey.

For me, being outside is a meditation, I feel SO ALIVE and SO PEACEFUL and so bloomin ZEN after being outside. In forests, woodland, sandy stretches, ocean swims…you name it I LUVVVVV it.

So I guess you’d think that I would get outside as much as possible knowing how much I love it right?

Well, as much as I’m trying….I sometimes find myself in that….’maybe I’ll go after I get this done” or ‘ I don’t really have the time today’ or the classic…when you have oodles of enough time to fit in a beautiful walk…but you fiddle around, have a little bit of a lazy mindset and instead opt for something else…phones, tv, sitting, staring into space…it could be anything! Then…surprise surprise…we NOW don’t have enough time to do the thing that would have truly left our soul shining.

Soooooo why do we do this?

I think it is because we live in such a CONSUMER consuming, absorbing, absorbing more, consuming a little more after that kind of culture.

There is SO much info out there, that sometimes we can find ourselves thinking about what we would like to do….But end up watching videos of others taking the action, reading about others taking that action and inevitably….not taking that action.

I am so so blessed to work in a space that looks out to the sea, so when I had a last minute client cancel I had a whole hour to spare. I looked outside and thought I’d like to go out there….

This followed with…

- But where will I go?

- What go on my own?

- It’s a bit far fetched isn’t it? I haven’t been here long, I should really do something productive….

- Procrastinates on phone and takes too long to put on shoes…


I had such an amazing time, I walked down to the beach, got a 15 minute walk in, went and sat by the sea on a beach with probably only 2 fellow humans pass me by, it was stunning.

And that feeling has been with me all day.

To take the time for yourself,

and show yourself that you DESERVE this time, and the self-love is transformational, not just for you but for everyone you interact with afterwards.

So start taking your action, you deserve it you truly do.

No more wishing to be able to play the guitar like so and so, to be able to go out walking on your own, to be able to handstand…..

There is no difference between them and you, well there is, but just one.

These people are taking their action and prioritising what makes their soul shine.

Don’t waste YOUR time watching others make their action, use this time to make YOUR ACTION…

Let your soul shine!!!


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