5 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Use

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

So if you follow me on Insta, you'll know that I have been trying to cut the amount of waste we produce as a household, or I guess you would call it a flat-hold?!

These are very simple ways that you can make a change without having to go live in a hut with zero electricity, and only ever eating off the land...

Anyways,  over the past 6 months I have become increasingly aware of our need as a collective to reduce waste, cut the plastic use, and all in all - become aware of our impact. I am shocked to think a few years back I just didn't even think about this stuff..like you buy whatever you want, you put your rubbish in the bin and you carry on. I cannot believe I never really questioned where my rubbish went? The impact on our mother earth who literally gives us life...and the unnecessary production of waste through packaging that is not needed at all!

A big problem that there is right now I think, is that some people think it has gone too far, and so feel like they cannot change or help enough to make a difference. I've literally had people say to me ' Well the planet is ruined now, because we've done this so not much good now....' WHAT.

Giving up hope is not what we need, and we CAN make a difference.

So...here are 5 simple ways that YOU CAN make a difference, and give our gorgeous mother earth some love back. These are all very very simple ways that you can make a change without having to live in a hut, with a self made fire and only living off what you can grow....

1 - Get a reusable

 water bottle & A reusable coffee/hot beverages cup (and don't forget them!!) A lot of us may have already done this, but its the remembering to take it out that leaves a lot of us stuck.

My solution? It's not become a priority enough because we are so used to having the convenience of disposable cups....

So, what I do when I used to forget my drinks....I wouldn't buy them. Harsh right? Now I don't mean dehydrating yourself of course hahaha. But what I mean is, If I wanted a tea when out and about and I'd forgotten my cup, I'd go INSIDE A CAFE and have one in..so no wastage OR If I really just wanted one on the go, I'd leave it until I got home. This made me make it a priority to remember my cup, and now I don't forget it.

2 - Address the root of the problem...

This can be challenging but so rewarding. One time, feeling particularly passionate about the subject, starving after a long morning, we attempted to find belly refuge in Tesco. I warned my boyfriend - NO PLASTIC. Well...let's just say that a no plastic quick snack, unless your getting fruit... Is pretty impossible, we spent about 30 mins searching and in the end opted for fruit and one thing in plastic.

So..I'm not saying don't use plastic ever again, because thats pretty unrealistic right now...but you can be aware and TRY YOUR BEST. Now when we do our food shop, we look for the least packaged version of what we want, we compromise, if it means buying a multipack to avoid lots of plastic over one piece, or opting for lose fruit and veg....When you next go for your food shop, look at whats in your basket, what can you change? What can you tweak? Even changing 3 weekly plastic loaded staples will be 3 less bits of plastic right!?

TIP - We now order a weekly veg box from Riverfood Farm, the produce is organic and seasonal with LOADS of box options to choose from, delivered to your door. Note - they do package some greens in plastic but as opposed to nearly all in plastic everywhere else, it's a pretty good alternative still.

3 - Get reusable bags and REMEMBER them

This tip makes me laugh because so many cashiers have looked at me in horror, as if I'm some sort of crazy or just the tightest person they've come across, why because just like I mentioned with the coffee above, if I forget my bags, I do my downright best to juggle everything to the car rather than get a bag. I don't want to get a bag that I'll use for 2 minutes to the car thanks, I'd rather look crazy.

And guess what?! The more juggling you have to do, the less likely you are to forget that bag you have tucked away at home again.

4 - Choose local

Being aware of local alternatives has been a major interest of mine recently....Locals do it better, locals care more. Often you'll find that if you go to a local place, they usually are doing more environmentally friendly things and services because they really care...and we HAVE TO SUPPORT them for that. Sometimes convenience gets the better of us and sadly sometimes price. But as I get older I would much rather pay a local cafe an extra 30p on a coffee, for local people, local values and to support community


5 - Stop with the negative

 I believe one of the biggest issues is again, what I mentioned earlier, that we don’t believe we can make a difference, or see no point and so just carry on as we are. This mindset is good for…nothing. YOU CAN make a difference, and secondly, LET YOURSELF BE HUMAN. I’m an extremes girl, if I believe in something I’ll be really harsh on myself and try to cut it out completely….on reflection I’ve come to realise that this is well - unhealthy. So, if you forget your bag and really need one…of course you can get a plastic one…same goes for food or anything else. Just remember, having a new awareness wanting to help is enough. An every now and then is so much better than an every single time…..remember that fellow earthlings.

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