Powerful Mood Boosting Meditation

This morning I returned to a meditation that I haven't done in a longggg time, and after practicing this, I felt SUPER CHARGED and so positive and zingy that I just had to share it here with you.

This meditation is a visualisation practice, visualising yourself exactly where you want to be, as if you are already there. It can be challenging because you may not know where you want to be, or what you want to be doing. The key here is to focus on something you absolutely know that you are super passionate about and would love for it to be a reality.

It could be living in a certain area, it could be working your dream job, it could be fitness orientated such as embarking on a challenge like a marathon or trail.

Once you can think of something - LIVE IT

If it's the home and living somewhere you dream of living, visualise yourself walking around the house, going about your day to day, cooking in the kitchen, walking along the beach that is close to your home, feeling the sea breeze on your face.

The more intricate detail you can bring into this visualisation the more powerful.

Don't bog yourself down with but HOW will I get there, or this is out of reach...

Think ONLY ...I AM

I am here, I am so grateful for this life, feel all the feelings you feel with this being your reality.

Spend 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, whatever you can and then knowing that IS reality and therefore IS possible...you will feel positive for the rest of your day.

You can then make your steps to get there, trusting that you know it will HAPPEN.

This mindset shift can be life changing.

Wishing you a motivated and magical Monday,


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