New Year - Wiser You

As we start to get nice and settled into 2019, I wanted to share something, personally.....I think this whole 'new year new me' thing has gotta go. Here's why....

This kind of talk puts pressure on yourself to make drastic changes, only to feel disappointed in yourself when you don't perform to your absolute best to these new standards of perfection. Don't get me wrong I love new year resolutions and new intentions, but the new year new me phenomenon not so much.

Regardless of how 2018 went for you, feeling like you need to become something or someone completely different to 2018, or to the person you have been your entire life just isn't feasible and it is tiring work.

I suggest a different phrase, or a different approach...


Even if 2018 was filled with a lot of self-inquiry and learning, those lessons have undoubtedly left you wiser than before. We can progress and grow and learn to become better people, but I wouldn't say that was a new you, I'd say that was a wiser you, a you that has always been there but has grown and learnt along the way. Each step getting closer to your wisest self, and your truest self.

Since my travels to India, I have sat with this concept time and time again, forever returning to that feeling of wanting to be different to who I am in the past, I suddenly had the realisation of WHY. Why spend so much time and energy on such a draining never ending loop? This time of year can encourage a little self-doubt and lead people to believe that they need to be different to who they are to be happy, but the truth is you really don't. Sure you can become wiser, learn from mistakes, and grow, but ultimately, true self-acceptance is what will bring you true contentment.

I like to think of it as a journey back to the self, growing wiser each day and year and returning to our truest nature, rather than becoming something different to what you already are, because you already are enough my loves!

As I sit and sip on my cappuccino , I'm not too sure why I felt the urge to write this little post, but I hope that perhaps this might just be exactly what you may have needed to read today, after all the universe works in mysterious ways

Wishing you all love as we begin to become fully immersed into 2019,


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