How To Free Flow: Tips For A Self Practice

Note: lotus pose (above) is not necessary to enjoy the benefits of a home practice! :-)

Yoga leaves you shining, from the inside out, but we cannot always make it to a class so how do we find that shine on our own?!


Set up a space just for you and your yoga.

Selfish? no way, people have man caves, or beauty spaces, or walk in wardrobes…the least you can do for yourself, is set up a small space where you can roll out your mat and feel inspired to move.

Create your space however you choose, if feeling uninspired, pinterest is always a great place for beautiful images to get you inspired!

If in doubt a few things you can include in your space is….

- A yoga mat of course!

- Yoga blocks

- A blanket

- Fairy lights

- Candles

- Plants

- Crystals

- Cushions

All of the above will help you to create a space with positive vibes, that will inspire you to get on the mat and move!

The most difficult part of a self-practice is knowing when to start. We get brain freeze and feel left not knowing what to do…


Start with simple stuff and move on from there, or keep it simple, because the simple stuff is not only the bread and butter of your practice, but also the stuff that can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

What you can start with…

- cat / cows

- gentle spinal twists

- shoulder rolls

- side stretches

From here, you can start to add in a few more bits like….

Mini downward dog flows…. these are great for gently warming up the body, getting out of the head and into the body.

An example of one is…

Downward dog, to hands and knees, lower to the ground, low cobra, up the hands and knees again and then back to downward dog.

If you are searching for something a little more energising, you can then look to practicing some sun salutations. A sun salutation warms and mobilises the entire body, and is a great sequence to practice daily.

If you google sun salutation A you will find diagrams for a sun salutation which is what I recommend you begin with. If you struggle to remember, you could print out a copy of this to have at your feet to practice!

Once warmed, you could try all sorts of poses, but a few key foundational poses you might like to try are….

- warrior 2

- extended side angle

- triangle

- reverse warrior

- tree pose

These are a variety of standing poses, each of the above require you to practice them on BOTH SIDES, unless you have a medical, physical reason not to do this, such as an imbalance of some kind, where it wouldn’t be wise to practice particular poses on certain sides….

Otherwise there you have it!

Before winding down into your savasana, try a gentle twist laying on the back and a hug of the knees to chest, from here you can melt into your savasana, put on some relaxing music and have some time to simply lay, rest and be!

I hope this inspires you to begin a self-practice!

Enjoy, and remember, yoga should always feel good.

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