How To: Self Love Practices

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Practising self-love is a bit like new-years comes and goes, like the tides.

Ironically one of my new years resolutions is exactly this - to practice self-love, consistently...

Self-love doesn't have to mean copious amounts of pampering, or pages of mantras to repeat daily...I think the practice of Self-Love is to take care of yourself, all aspects of the self, as much as you can.

1 - I've never been particularly girly

                         2 - I've never been too good at managing my time

                                          3 - There are other things I always seem to consider as more important..

I tend to busy myself with being busy, I also prefer the company of others rather than to be on my own, so often I would opt for extra time with my boyfriend or seeing family rather than spending that time working on self-love.

Self-love doesn't have to mean copious amounts of pampering, or pages of mantras to repeat daily...I think the practice of Self-Love is to take care of yourself, all aspects of the self.

I have truly started to believe that the more you take care of yourself, no matter how silly or superficial it may seem... the more productive you become, and the better you can contribute to the world. If you don't take care of yourself, then how can you try to be the best human you can be.

Here are the things I will be doing at least weekly to take care of myself with love.

- Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day

( of course this is so important for your health, for hydration, for replenishment) Actively keeping track and ensuring I manage this is something I now try to do daily

- Eat enough greens

as a vegan, sometimes I can overlook the greens, because it is often the case that I am trying my best to get enough calories in and to be totally honest my diet as a vegan became pretty terrible in terms of nutrients - due to the christmas period & very very low funds & being the only vegan in the flat! So nutrition has been a major comeback for me since January 1st.


connected to the above, I have been strictly tracking my intake for food via the myfitnesspal app to make sure I am getting enough of each of the macronutrients to ensure I am nice and healthy

- Facial care

I have set myself a goal to enjoy a facemask at least 2x per week, and to use an exfoliation scrub/brush 2x per week. I hope this helps my skin to become brighter and aid my pigmentation from years of acne prone skin..

- Nature walks

to go out in nature for a walk, even if it is just to the shop, every single day. Getting outside should be a daily must I believe. It helps to shift us out of stubborn moods, or find some clarity just from a change of scenery.

- Regular gym workouts

My gym rituals stopped after I hurt my back and now I'm ready to get back to it. Lifting weights at the gym makes me feel not only physically stronger and helps to strengthen my back and limbs for yoga, but it also helps my mind. I feel so good after a tough workout, I am excited to see how I feel after a full month of my new routine.

- Invest in myself

I have never gone anywhere for my face, eyebrows etc, I've had my nails done twice when I was like 14 but apart from that. I've decided to invest in myself and look into booking regular eyebrow shaping, tinting and some kind of eyelash extensions. Vain I know, but sometimes taking more pride in how you look makes you feel better on the inside.

- Meditate & practice pranayama every day

even if it is just 5 minutes, including this in my morning routine helps to leave me feeling focused and positive

- Avoid sitting often

last year really opened my eyes to how bad it is for the body to be sitting for long periods of time, it compresses the spine, tightens your hamstrings and for me strained the knees from the quads becoming too tight. This is easier said than done I know but I intend to avoid sitting for periods longer than 45 mins at a maximum and get on my yoga mat for some body awakening. 

- Take pride in my appearence 

If I decide to work from home all day, this often means pjs, no makeup and pretty much a hot mess express. Now I know this isn't exactly a big deal, but for me I honestly think that it puts me in that lazier attitude. I know that as soon as I just sort my hair out to a neater extent, at least get ready for the day and then put on my pj's and if I'm going to have a makeup-free least make my hair look presentable and indulge in some moisturiser and lip balm... I will feel more ready for the day and in turn, act more ready for the day. 

Again silly I know but it works for me.

- Have an offline period 

I do a lot of work on the laptop, or my phone...but to be honest most of us are on our phones too much of the time. I try now to avoid altogether being on any devices in the morning - trying to opt for my morning ritual and then I also try to have an evening cut off point - where I just turn off the internet and put my phone away. It's amazing how different this can make you feel, and how much more productive you can become with a time-out from the devices. 

and lastly...

- Try to think kinder thoughts

We all have that annoying persistent inner voice, that likes to jump to conclusions in a split second, and likes to bring your failures to the forefront of the mind regardless of the things you have done well or excelled I am actively trying to nip this in the bud as soon as the voice starts to pipe up..

I try to remind myself of what did go well, or maybe constructively consider what I could do differently next time, minus the mean words and too much time spent with that uncomfortable 'I've failed' butterflies in the stomach type feeling...

So there you have it, those are just some of the ways I hope to practice a little more self-love this year, in a hope to be the best human I can. 

How do you practice self-love?



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