Catching Zzzzzzzzz

One of the greatest benefits felt regularly with the practice of yoga?

A better nights sleep 🙏

Time and time again, the most common result of a regular practice I hear from yogis, is how well they slept the night after practice. Here is why I think this is the case...

Yoga is not simply postures, it is the combination of postures WITH….

Intentional breathing

Body awareness

Mental focus

All of the above help to bring a practitioner BACK into their body, and to help still the mind.

A regular practice does not just train the body, but it trains the mind. Allowing it to build up resilience and ability to remain focussed on the posture, focussed on where they are.

The breathe allows us to breathe into spaces we might have neglected for the entirety of the day through shallow breathing, allowing prana - life force energy to flow freely.

A focused, elongated breathe soothes the busy mind and encourages a softening of mind and body.

The body awareness inspires the practitioner to be right here NOW, which through countless mindfulness, mental health, and self-help books being published providing evidence for this…the concept of being fully present in a moment is paramount for a content, and positive mind and life.

Not to mention much of yoga, works to build strength and stability and moves towards a winding down, in a journey towards savasana. Regarding the nervous system, this journey from the SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System) to the PSNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System) has been suggested to allow for a deeper relaxation, and encourages a more comfortable baseline for the SNS.

All of the above contribute to providing a comfortable, soothing and replenishing night sleep.

There are plenty of reasons to practice yoga, and a better night sleep is just one of many.


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