Beat the bug!

Soooooo January and February appear to be the months of cold, flu and more colds!

I don’t think I know anyone who has escaped the lurgies that seem to be going around right now, not even me and honestly - I never catch colds!

So as everyone and their sisters cat is getting ill right now, I thought I would share an immune boosting shot that I gave my fiancee to much his dismay, and he went from being bed ridden to back to work - still a bit bunged up, but one heck of an improvement!

This is super simple, super quick and packs a punch!


3 4 teaspoons - Turmeric powder - organic preferably

A thumb or 1-2 teaspoons - Ginger Root (powder is ok if this is all you have) - organic preferably

4 Apples

A pinch of black pepper

1/2 teaspoon Coconut oil

I made a big batch of this stuff to go in the fridge, so we could do a shot every morning and it lasted around 4 days. However I gave my fiancee 2 on the day he was glued to bed!

To make, juice the apple and turmeric root, pour in the remaining ingredients and blend/whisk.

Voila, a shot with a kick - that’ll wake you up in the morning!!

A few other things I did that seemed to really help shift it fast:

Water with a juiced orange and lemon to alkaline and provide lots of vitamin C.

I put a LOT of garlic in our food that day - woohoo we must have been smelling interesting.

I also swear by putting onions in your bedroom, as woohoo as it sounds, it works and i despeate times, does it really how woowoo it is if it gets the job done? Chop off the top and bottom of an onion, place in your bedroom and leave for a week before changing. Spolier alert, yes it smells like onion and a little like b.o for the first day and night, but then there is NO SMELL and it really works. Putting an onion in rooms to avoid viruses is a bit of an old wives tale but I swear by it.

I also make a lot of turmeric milk/golden milks, you can find my recipe for this HERE

and lastly I have been starting every morning with jala neti, jala neti is an ancient indian cleansing technique, whereby you gently pour warm salted water via one nostril, and allow it to come out of the opposite nostril. I will do a blog post on this, but it is super helpful for relieving bunged up noses, helping to clear those passages!

I hope these few things are helpful to you!

Wishing you all clear noses and nice deep breaths.


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