5 Unexpected Benefits Of Yoga

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Introducing the practice of yoga into our lives has many benefits, but I thought I'd share a few of the benefits that I have experienced with a regular yoga practice, that I wasn't quite expecting.....

"Yoga isn't always easy, BUT yoga is for everyone"

1 - Connection I have become so much more conscious of myself, how I'm feeling, what I'm doing....I feel so much more connected to myself, which is a difficult thing to describe. I feel like I can see the connection between us and nature, I feel a lot more that we are part of something and that I have stepped out of that bubble when its just your life, your job and the 'keep carrying on' mindset. In other words, yoga has opened my eyes to everything. I feel like I had the blinders on and now I'm free to look around... haha if you're still with me, you are a star. ;) 

2 - Drama Drama is always going to find its way to you some way or another but I feel so much less absorbed by it now. What would previously make me feel anxious or angry I'm a lot more chill about...not to say I'm never angry or any other 'negative' emotion, because all emotions are valid and deserve time and space BUT I just don't get so wound up anymore. This has a LOT to do with 1) Connection, I feel like the more connected we become, the better perspective we gain and this positively flows into all parts of life, not just yoga practice, but relationships, jobs, daily interactions...you name it.  3 -  Strength We all look at yoga from the outside, before we've taken that deep dive in the unlimited ocean that is YOGA...and well, we kind of think it's just some stretching. At least, that's what I thought anyway. To me yoga was for super flexible people, it was a bunch of stretches and that was it really. Woah what a mistaker to maker haha. Yes yoga has a lot of stretches, but it equally includes a LOT of strength work. I'd describe yoga as the beautiful yin and yang, the delicate combination of flexibility and strength to provide mobility and harmony within the body. I also think, your yoga practice can lean towards either side a little more dependent on what it is that you NEED. For me I'm comfortable exploring the strength component of yoga, but can struggle to go through a slower paced, or more opening/lengthening base practice, so for me that's what I need to work on a little more. But yoga is about balance and two things I have learnt for sure.  - Yoga isn't easy Yoga dives deep into all the feels, our mind, our emotions, our behaviour, our bodies, everything.  BUT  - Yoga is for everyone At whatever stage in your life, injured or stressful, 'unfit' or active....there is space for you.

4 - Confidence & Self Acceptance Yoga isn't about milestones or goal getting...aiming solely for a crazy looking pose we saw online. But when we start to reach our heels a little closer to the floor in downward dog, find a 2 second hold in headstand, or can finally touch our toes it reminds us of something that has ALWAYS BEEN TRUE - that we can achieve ANYTHING. Sometimes it does us a world of good to be shown this reminder...and this recognition that we can do, feel and be anything is a dramatically positive shift that can bring us confidence in real life. Taking that business venture to the next stage, carrying yourself with more confidence and self-love...remembering your magic.  Equally, when we don't find that arm balance in the first attempt but see a friend flying it is humbling and creates a space for us to find some self-acceptance and love. It's not always about finding that next step but by being happy in your own skin, what your body can and wants to do today....

5 - Beauty of Breath My last unexpected benefit of yoga, was the introduction of the breath. It's importances, it's power and magic. Now sitting here I cannot believe that I didn't really pay attention to this, even though we refer back time and time in our lives to breathing - pregnancy they tell you to take deep breaths, exercise, in anxiety, in pain... yet we don't really acknowledge it other than that.  I have been blown away by how just a few deep breaths can change my mood, relieve anxiety, pain, fear...and yoga is what brought this to my attention.  So there you have it, my Top 5 Unexpected Benefits Of Yoga. It's been a journey, and I am SO GRATEFUL for this practice. What is your favourite benefit of your yoga practice? Comment below and share <3 Until next time,  NAMASTE x

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