11 Minute Morning Bliss

Life can be fast and busy, and often we can wake up and feel rushed before even leaving bed.

But life is about ABUNDANCE and feeling VIBRANT.

So here is an 11 minute morning template for you to follow to start off your day excited, content and positive.

Be sure to set your alarm 11 minutes earlier than you would normally!


Head to the kitchen and boil some water for either….A hot lemon water, cup of tea, matcha or even your favourite cup of coffee. Meanwhile get ready for the day, dressed and washed - you know that stuff!Pour yourself a big glass of water, and drink this while you prepare your hot bevy!

Go to a quiet, comfortable place in your home where you can sit, either in a chair or on some cushions. Light a candle or some incense, not essential, but this will increase the blissful vibes tenfold!

Sit and set yourself a timer, 2 minutes.Close your eyes and connect to your breath. Begin by breathing in and out of the nose for a count of 4 INHALE and 4 EXHALEAfter 10 rounds of this, extend the breath to a 6:6 count. Continue with this formula or if you feel particularly restless or anxious, try the formula of 4:6 4INHALE and 6 EXHALE to help calm the nervous system and relax your mind.

In this position, allow breathing to return to normal and choose 5 things you are grateful for todayRepeat this sentence out loud or in your head : I am so grateful for…… THANK YOU

Find space and do some gentle yoga for 3 minutes or so…more if you have the time, whatever you have, just get in some of that morning movement and mobility, it will lubricate the joints, and get the energy flowing for the day!! Wiggle out that early morning stiffness.

My personal go to movements are: cat/cow, flowing from downward dog -> hands and knees -> cobra -> childs pose and REPEAT

If you have a little more time (only a few more minutes I recommend cat/cow, the above downward dog flow, followed by 3 rounds of a simple sun salutation A to leave you feeling fab)

There you are, all of the above can be achieved in 11 mindful minutes, and you will feel so BLISS OUT and ready for the day!

Time breakdown:

5 minutes - kettle on, get ready and light candle, find cushions

2 minutes - breathing - time to tune in

1 minutes - gratitudes

3 minutes - move, wiggle, wake up the body!

Have a blissful day everyday, if you have any morning rituals that leave you feeling vibrant, please feel free to comment below so we can share ideas.



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